One in 6 home owners are either in default or foreclosure. For many this embarrasses the family and strips an owner of dignity. There are alternatives for owners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments current. One of the options is called a "short sale."

A short sale is a sales transaction in which the seller's mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff of less than the balance due on the loan.

By completing a short sale rather than allowing your house to go through foreclosure, you avoid eviction and your house will not be sold at a public sale or auction. Plus, depending on your circumstances, you could qualify for financial assistance to help with relocation costs.

Foreclosure is expensive for a bank or lender. Mortgage lenders are not in the business of foreclosing and owning houses. Banks and lenders are in business of lending money. In many cases, it is less expensive for a bank to allow a short sale, than foreclose on a house.

There are several advantages to short sale your house verses foreclosure. A seller can re establish credit and possibly purchase another home faster, usually 2 years. A short sale is not a foreclosure, therefore many sellers experience less emotions trauma.

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