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Marilyn A. (Seller) - Nov 14,2016

Overall Rating 11111
Market Expertise 11111
Responsiveness 11111
Negotiation Skills 11111
Professionalism Communication 11111

I had spoken with other agents, but I needed to deal with someone with whom I felt comfortable, someone who listened to/understood my requirements, and whom I felt I could trust unequivocally. Pam Crawford is exactly that person. I was able to put this sale in the hands of Pam and her team relying on their expertise with no worries or concerns.


Marilyn A

Pam was an absolutely top-flight seller's agent.  I found her through her aggressive web presence - exactly the type of presence I wanted for my house.  She began to get offers immediately!  The place sold in only a couple of months despite some rather depressing looking statistics for the town.  I can't say enough positive about my experience.  A very big plus for me is that Pam is an effective communicator and stays in touch.  Bravo!  And no wonder she's so good at what she does.

5 Watson Rd, Spencer Ma

Marc C

"My now husband and I met Pam by accident at an open house. We were getting married in 5 months and decided to look at houses. We ironically met her at the house we bought. Right from the start she was very knowledgeable and very interested in our story and what we were looking for. We at the time were not incredible interested in buying a house but just planned on glancing to see what was out there. We looked at multiple open houses without an agent and found a house we wanted shown. She showed the house and both my husband and I were not impressed. We ended up scheduling to look at the house we met her at again just this time without a bunch of people. We loved the house. She was very personable and easy to talk to. I felt she was really interested in both my husband and I's needs and was not just interested in the sale. We purchased the house in late May and got married a couple weeks later! She was a great help for someone who did not know how buying a house went."
Ann Clark 2013
Ann Clark

"Pam helped us purchase our first home. She was so patient with our endless questions, concerns and home appointments - throughout the whole process, she was available when we needed her and she went above and beyond in her communication. Pam's experience with selling homes as well was a definite advantage because she was able to anticipate scenarios that might arise, which was helpful in planning our next steps. I highly recommend Pam - she won't let you down."
Aili Calkins

cindyp1 Client, Buyer

Pam was wonderful. With so much money and investment involved, it was so reassuring to know Pam always had our best interests in mind. We were selling a house to buy a bank owned property; without Pam's persistence, endurance and knowledge it never would have happened. Pam shepherded the buyers' mortgage broker after several broken signing dates due to the broker's issues with the buyers' credit. She caught things our lawyer (we paid for) didn't see or do. I can wholeheartedly recommend Pam, who I am now proud to say, is a friend. She is attentive, honest and a extremely dedicated real estate broker. You can feel assured that you are in good hands with Pam.

Sun, Sep 9, 2012
Cindy Pendelton

eric_schloemer Client, Seller

Pam Crawford helped me buy my first house. She is a truly caring and responsive agent, often times coming out to show houses to us at the last minute. She guided us through the process, explaining everything along the way, and when we found the perfect place, she helped us negotiate and close quickly and at our price! Pam was so great, we enlisted her services again to sell, and buy our second home. I would highly recommend Pam to every buyer and seller!

Mon, Sep 10, 2012
Eric Schloemer

kerrymbarnes Client, Buyer

When I began the house buying process, I was terrified. As first time homebuyer you never know exactly and what to do. After meeting with many realtors, I was beginning to get skeptical. That is, until I met Pam. Within minutes of meeting Pam I felt comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions (I had a lot!). She provided guidance throughout the entire process and helped calm all of my nerves. Looking back, I wouldn't have had it any other way. In the future I will only call Pam when buying or selling another home. Why settle for less when you already have the best?

Sun, Mar 24, 2013
Kerry Barnes

Jawallace1 Client, Seller

We had our home on the market in 2011 and had no success. In early 2012 we decided to try again and after interviewing Pam and another Realtor we decided on Pam. What impressed us about Pam was her research and what we called a "reality" check by providing us with a very thorough market analysis which essentially gave us valuable insight as to where we needed to be in order to sell our home. Pam's years of experience in the industry was also another reason we selected her. We followed her marketing plan to the "T" and had an agreement of sale with an approved buyer in less then 60 days. What we particularly liked about Pam was her involvement - she was present during the home inspection and also the bank appraisal. We utilized the attorney she recommended and had an extremely easy and stress free closing. I would highly recommend using Pam if you want to sell your home or are in the market to buy. She is an extremely dedicated, hard working individual who truly enjoys her work.

Sun, Mar 10, 2013
Judy Wallace

I am remiss in not writing to you with much thanks for all of the not so little things you have done for me.  The new house is great, all painted and ready for winter.
God Bless
Gorder Giller

"Pam is not only my mentor by also an amazing friend. As the recruiting manager for Re/max, you could not ask for someone more skilled, strong, detailed, open, professional, and empathic. Her knowledge base and experience are unprecedented. Always a phone call away, Pam does everything in her power to train and prepare you for success. What she does is from a genuine wish to help and give you the tools to succeed.

Real Estate is her calling and her passion. As a Real Estate professional, watching her is like watching a master painter do his work. Everything Pam does is with the utmost care and precision. She treats each of her customers as if they are her ONLY customers. She does her research, has amazing ideas, and above all is the consummate professional.

Pam is not only fair, but in a field where ethics can sometimes comes into question, Pam prides herself on working not only ethically but morally. Knowing that each and every action, and the way you do business, defines who you are as a Professional, Pam will sacrifice time and time again to make sure the right things are done to protect her clients and provide them amazing service.

I am so proud to have learned all that I know from her, and to call her my friend. She truly is the best in the business, and I would recommend her time and time again.

~Pierre A. Boucher"

Pierre A Boucher

Dear Pam

My husband Norman and I would like to say a special thank you for all you’ve done for us.  Not only were you our broker, but you were a friend.  You kept us well informed through out the process and ordeal of selling our home of 38 years.  You also helped us to find a suitable apartment.  I would highly recommend you to anyone.  You advised us well.  Again thank you.


Norman and Pat Lafleche                                                                   

73 Vista Lane, Southbridge, Ma.                                                           


Pat Lafleche

It is a joy to work with Pam Crawford as our realtor.  She is extremely knowledgeable, organized and straight-forward.  Pam has assisted our family with the purchase of one home, and then another home as our family grew.  We always know she has our best interest at heart, so we don’t have to worry.  Even when we are not actively buying or selling with her, she remains a great resource for information on issues regarding our properties.  Pam looks out for us like she is a member of the family, we could not ask for more.”

Cathy Thibedeau


Cathy Thibadeau

Buying a house was a very overwhelming experience for me.  Thankfully, I had a great real estate agent to help me through it all.


My husband and I decide to start looking at houses by browsing the internet.  When we saw one we were interested in looking at, we sent our information online to the real estate company to have someone contact us.  That is when Pam Crawford contacted us. 


Working with Pam was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't have traded her for another agent if I had to do it over.  If or when we decide to sell our house, Pam will be the first one we contact.  I would recommend her a million times over to any of my friends that are interested in purchasing/selling a house. 

~Melanie Lafountain

Melanie Lafountain

I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how I feel about the experience I had with the sale of my house.

I was scared that it would be a ordeal that I would never forget. You made it so easy and pleasant with knowing that it was a forced sale on myself. I never once felt pressured by you and could definitely tell that you were there for me and not just to make the sale. I think you are like myself you sell as if it were your own and I work on vehicles as if they were my own. And its a great feeling knowing that you do your best to help people and also make a living doing it.

You sure have a lot of knowledge at what you do just shows you take pride in your work.

I will recommend you 100 % to any one I hear selling a house. Thank you again and take care.


Gary Johnson

82 Rawson st. Leicester Ma
Gary Johnson

Pam was wonderful to us! It was a long road, beginning to end and she was right there whenever I needed her. She was there to listen to me cry, whine, yell and most importantly, she was there during the happy times. I felt she was only a phone call away and she would never leave my side. She came to meetings with me, that I know she didn´t have to be and probably would have been happier at home with her family, made phone calls for me and I felt as if I came first no matter what. During all this I think more than anything, she became our friend! Thank you Pam!!!!